Air Conditioning Installations in Greater London

Baseline UK is a business that offers a range of services, including Air Conditioning Installation in the Middlesex area.

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Combining our knowledge, experience and expertise, we will provide you with innovative and cost-effective heating and cooling solutions to meet your needs. We will deliver exceptional value with integrity, confidence and reliability. Baseline can help you tackle the complexities of energy efficiency and sustainability for your business in a cost-efficient and timely manner. Our emphasis on building relationships with our clients and our commitment to deliver a quality service helps us understand and deliver solutions to suit our clients’ energy needs and budget.

Apart from delivering energy efficient air conditioning systems, Baseline also offers sustainable energy solutions by employing the use of Inverter Driven Heat Pumps (IDHP) in our design solutions. We have established close ties with the leading manufacturers who offer these specialist technology products.

We Offer

– Household Air Conditioning

– Commercial Air Conditioning

– Air Conditioning Design



The air-conditioned space can be used throughout the year. Our systems will cool the space during hot summer days and heat the space during cold winter days.

Our systems will achieve the desired temperature in the air-conditioned space within ten minutes of switching on the system, so no more waiting hours for a boiler to reach the desired temperature.

Our inverter systems will maintain the set temperature of the air-conditioned space within a close tolerance of ±0.5°C

Our inverter-driven systems will reduce energy consumption by over 50% compared to conventional air-conditioning systems


Whether you require cooling for a single room or for your entire property, we will be able to help. We will talk you through all the options and provide a comprehensive design, installation and maintenance service.


At Baseline, we provide air conditioning installation services to businesses in Greater London and Middlesex. Contact us today. We’ll be delighted to provide practical advice to help you choose the right system.

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Air Conditioning Installations in Greater London, Middlesex and surrounding areas.